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NEWS update for 3.45.1

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Evolution 3.45.1 2022-07-01
* The Evolution had been ported to libsoup3, which means anything what uses
it, and all of its dependencies, should be libsoup3 too.
Bug Fixes:
I#876 - Calendar: Display multi-lingual properties in current locale
I#1026 - alarm-notify: Add option to enable/disable desktop notifications
I#1306 - Calendar: Drag&drop events in Week/Month views
I#1568 - Cannot import PKCS12 certificate with non-ASCII or empty password
I#1811 - icons: emblem-new hard to spot with adwaita-icon-theme 42
I#1827 - itip-formatter: Properly update content on message preview reload
I#1831 - Correct GSettings schema strings for translation
I#1835 - Mail: Preview uses wrong colors for HTML mail with dark theme
I#1837 - Meeting attendees should default to Required Participants
I#1847 - attachment-reminder: Existing keyword lost on editing cancel
I#1848 - icons: Add symbolic variants for toolbar/folder tree icons (Jakub Steiner)
I#1849 - markdown-utils: Ignore character encoding hints in HTML when converting to text
I#1850 - Flatpak: Attachments cannot be opened
I#1853 - Tasks: Cannot remove recurrence and Start date at the same time
I#1857 - Composer: Markdown should prevent soft line breaks
I#1858 - Calendar: Show recurring information near event time in preview/iTip
I#1867 - itip-formatter: Colorize meeting summary with the event color
I#1870 - Show mailto: hyperlinks in the status bar percent-decoded
I#1871 - WebKitEditor: Convert to plain text incorrect on reply/forward open
I#1876 - Contacts: Add a way to create a contact copy
I#1883 - Calendar: Read Organizer/Attendee EMAIL parameter
I#1886 - itip-formatter: Use whole URL value as a link href
I#1891 - Fails to build with libgweather 3.36
I#1895 - Misc: Handle numpad Enter similarly as the Enter key
I#1896 - Composer: Ensure URL entry is focused in Link Properties
I#1898 - Better handle Dark Style GNOME 42 setting
I#1900 - iTIP formatter shows twice "Attendee status updated"
I#1901 - Calendars with very long names hide the organizer in the CompEditor
I#1902 - Tasks: Overdue calculation sometimes incorrect
I#1904 - CompEditor: Move whole component between calendars
I#1905 - DUE-today color in Tasks window not always applied
I#1913 - Calendar: iTip message not sent to a Room address
I#1916 - Allow to search in "Describe Filters"
I#1917 - Calendar: Add option to change 'today' background color
I#1918 - Composer: Skip STYLE and other tags in convert to Plain Text
I#1919 - Drag&Drop creates many identical temporary files
I#1923 - Composer: Add "Copy/Open Link" into the context menu
I#1930 - Update Task preview, when Task is updated
I#1935 - Mail: Add option to print attachment content
I#1941 - ESourceSelectorDialog: Close on double-click on source only
I#1942 - Calendar: Show extra Google attendee info in component preview
I#1944 - Crash when printing task list to pdf
I#1946 - Logic of "Do not sign meeting requests" is inverted
eds-I#39 - Add Web Key Directory (WKD) support for OpenPGP
eds-I#383 - Add option to respect Power Saver mode
ews-I#159 - EMFolderTreeModel: Prefer Inbox over other folder types
M!94 - Port to libsoup3
M!104 - icon-factory: update for new gnome-desktop API (Michael Catanzaro)
M!107 - em-format: Make contact photo rounded (Cédric Bellegarde)
M!109 - EShell: Use symbolic icons on GNOME (Cédric Bellegarde)
Calendar: Minicalendar shown after search in the List View
gal-view-instance: Do not crash on broken setup
Calendar: Implement 'Year View'
Calendar: Highlight today in the Year View
ECalComponentPreview: Linkify 'Location' value
Calendar: Unify tooltip query in calendar views
Calendar: Add option to shorten event end time for new events
Disable hardware acceleration for WebKitGTK
EShell: Auto-close ESource connection alerts on idle
EContactEditor: Use a GWeakRef on the editor when opening target client
EWebDAVConfigLookup: Set also authentication method
EWebKitEditor: Mode change not propagated into the Editor widget
Update the information in the AUTHORS file
ECompEditor: Change packing of the Organizer combo
Tasks: Ensure ICalTime::zone is set for current time
CompEditor: Consider 'shorten-end-time' when adjusting end time
itip-view: Ignore empty text/plain subpart in meeting invitation mail
ENameSelectorDialog: Set a11y description for the Add/Remove buttons
EMailStripSigFilter: Make sure it doesn't read out of buffer bounds
EWebView: Unset has-selection flag on content load start
Fix cairo_surface_t memory leaks after drag begin
Calendar: Implement event drag&drop for the Year view
Calendar: Ignore event drag&drop in read-only calendars in Year View
Calendar: Fix recently introduced "maybe used uninitialized" warning in the print code
Calendar: Default to event move on drag&drop in Week/Month/Year views
docs: Add some missing sections into the developer documentation
Correct spelling of word 'GitLab'
flatpak: Prepare manifest for the development version
Calendar: Option to shorten an event time from the end or from the start
Calendar: Update preview on a component change in the Year View
Mail: Handle CAMEL_PROVIDER_CONF_ADVANCED_SECTION_START in provider config page
EMonthWidget: Fix a memory leak
build: Update geocode-glib dependency
Aleksandr Melman (ru)
Asier Sarasua Garmendia (eu)
Aurimas Černius (lt)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Danial Behzadi (fa)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Fabio Tomat (fur)
Fran Dieguez (gl)
Hugo Carvalho (pt)
Jordi Mas (ca)
Luming Zh (zh_CN)
Nathan Follens (nl)
Philipp Kiemle (de)
Rūdolfs Mazurs (lv)
Yosef Or Boczko (he)
Yuri Chornoivan (uk)
Zurab Kargareteli (ka)
Evolution 3.44.0 2022-03-18
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