Commit 7ff64b74 authored by Bryan Dunsmore's avatar Bryan Dunsmore Committed by Milan Crha

I#929 - Allow calendar week view to start on Sunday

Previously, the week view would always start on Saturday if the week
starts on Sunday.  This restricts this behavior to the month view only.

Closes #929
Closes !55
parent 8b5932f0
......@@ -2633,12 +2633,10 @@ e_week_view_recalc_display_start_day (EWeekView *week_view)
* is Sunday. */
display_start_day = week_start_day;
if (display_start_day == G_DATE_SUNDAY) {
if (!e_week_view_get_multi_week_view (week_view))
display_start_day = G_DATE_SATURDAY;
if (e_week_view_get_compress_weekend (week_view))
display_start_day = G_DATE_SATURDAY;
if (display_start_day == G_DATE_SUNDAY &&
e_week_view_get_multi_week_view (week_view) &&
e_week_view_get_compress_weekend (week_view)) {
display_start_day = G_DATE_SATURDAY;
changed = (display_start_day != week_view->priv->display_start_day);
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