Commit 0a478083 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes
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NEWS update for 3.2.3 release.

parent a0c7def6
Evolution 3.2.3 2012-01-09
Bug Fixes:
Bug 561696 - Invitation's "Open Calendar" button jumps to current day
(Milan Crha)
Bug 578245 - View settings for threads getting lost (Milan Crha)
Bug 638810 - Crash in camel_folder_search_set_folder with IMAP account
(Milan Crha)
Bug 641154 - Crash in emae_check_authtype_done (Milan Crha)
Bug 657374 - mailto: attachment parameter can lead to accidental data
exfiltration (Matthew Barnes)
Bug 661043 - Printing causes email images to download (Milan Crha)
Bug 662789 - Can't create account with None receiving server type
(Milan Crha)
Bug 663615 - Saving calendar duplicates the first event (Milan Crha)
Bug 664016 - [evolution-alarm-notify] Try reconnect offline calendars
(Milan Crha)
Bug 664018 - Cannot create task/memo from a mail (Milan Crha)
Bug 664370 - Crash when putting same component into icalcomponent
(Kai Juse)
Bug 664654 - Sanitize subjects before suggesting a save filename
(Matthew Barnes)
Bug 665123 - Incorrect unref of ESource in pine-importer (Milan Crha)
Bug 666341 - [bbdb] Invalid free in bbdb_do_it (Milan Crha)
Bug 666490 - Crash in e-mail-session.c:user_message_response
(Milan Crha)
Other Changes:
* Remove almost all *_DISABLED_DEPRECATED_FLAGS. (Matthew Barnes)
* Add a hidden --version option. (Matthew Barnes)
Xandru Armesto (ast)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Gabor Kelemen (hu)
Evolution 3.2.2 2011-11-14
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