Commit 9930a960 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes

Bump libedataserver soname twice.

We screwed up and forgot to bump libedataserver's shared object name
when EComponentListener was removed during the 2.29 development cycle.

The problem is we now need to bump both master and gnome-2-30 branches,
but master was already bumped once when all the deprecated API was
removed for 2.31.1.  So to keep all the names unique, the gnome-2-30
soname will leapfrog master, and master will leapfrog gnome-2-30.

It breaks down like this:

    Version     Shared Object Name         Note

    <= 2.30.1 : :
    == 2.31.1 : : Deprecated API removed
    >= 2.30.2 : : EComponentListener removed
    >= 2.31.2 : : EComponentListener removed
parent a476843b
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ EDS_MICRO_VERSION=eds_micro_version
dnl ******************************
dnl Libtool versioning
dnl ******************************
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