Commit f26a6f67 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha
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[IMAPx] 'STARTTLS not supported' error ignored

When a user has setup the STARTTLS encryption method, but the server doesn't
support it, then an error should be shown to the user, instead of using
unsecure connection. There had been two bugs in the existing code which
prevented this error from being used and the failure properly reported.

This had been filled at:
parent 8a829b61
......@@ -2680,7 +2680,6 @@ imapx_connect_to_server (CamelIMAPXServer *is,
gboolean use_shell_command;
gboolean success = TRUE;
gchar *host;
GError *local_error = NULL;
store = camel_imapx_server_ref_store (is);
......@@ -2716,6 +2715,7 @@ imapx_connect_to_server (CamelIMAPXServer *is,
if (connection != NULL) {
GInputStream *input_stream;
GOutputStream *output_stream;
GError *local_error = NULL;
/* Disable the Nagle algorithm with TCP_NODELAY, since IMAP
* commands should be issued immediately even we've not yet
......@@ -2812,10 +2812,11 @@ connected:
g_mutex_unlock (&is->priv->stream_lock);
g_set_error (
&local_error, CAMEL_ERROR,
_("Failed to connect to IMAP server %s in secure mode: %s"),
host, _("STARTTLS not supported"));
success = FALSE;
goto exit;
} else {
g_mutex_unlock (&is->priv->stream_lock);
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