Commit 429a106d authored by Craig Ringer's avatar Craig Ringer Committed by Akhil Laddha
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BUG#270893 Support client certificates for IMAP

parent db83c3e0
......@@ -1064,8 +1064,13 @@ enable_ssl (CamelTcpStreamSSL *ssl, PRFileDesc *fd)
SSL_SetURL (ssl_fd, ssl->priv->expected_host);
/*SSL_GetClientAuthDataHook (sslSocket, ssl_get_client_auth, (gpointer) certNickname);*/
/*SSL_AuthCertificateHook (ssl_fd, ssl_auth_cert, (gpointer) CERT_GetDefaultCertDB ());*/
/* NSS provides a default implementation for the SSL_GetClientAuthDataHook callback
* but does not enable it by default. It must be explicltly requested by the application.
* See: */
SSL_GetClientAuthDataHook (ssl_fd, (SSLGetClientAuthData)&NSS_GetClientAuthData, NULL );
/* NSS provides _and_ installs a default implementation for the
* SSL_AuthCertificateHook callback so we _don't_ need to install one. */
SSL_BadCertHook (ssl_fd, ssl_bad_cert, ssl);
ssl->priv->ssl_mode = TRUE;
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