Commit 16e77f3d authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha
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Bug #687640 - Crash in caldav's initialize_backend()

Two threads could call initialize_backend() simultaneously,
overwriting data one to the other, which caused the crash.
parent 5a43b876
......@@ -5138,20 +5138,23 @@ caldav_source_changed_thread (gpointer data)
old_slave_cmd = cbdav->priv->slave_cmd;
old_slave_busy = cbdav->priv->slave_busy;
if (old_slave_busy) {
if (old_slave_busy)
update_slave_cmd (cbdav->priv, SLAVE_SHOULD_SLEEP);
g_mutex_lock (&cbdav->priv->busy_lock);
g_mutex_lock (&cbdav->priv->busy_lock);
/* guard the call with busy_lock, thus the two threads (this 'source changed'
thread and the 'backend open' thread) will not clash on internal data
when they are called in once */
initialize_backend (cbdav, NULL);
/* always wakeup thread, even when it was sleeping */
g_cond_signal (&cbdav->priv->cond);
if (old_slave_busy) {
if (old_slave_busy)
update_slave_cmd (cbdav->priv, old_slave_cmd);
g_mutex_unlock (&cbdav->priv->busy_lock);
g_mutex_unlock (&cbdav->priv->busy_lock);
cbdav->priv->updating_source = FALSE;
......@@ -5169,7 +5172,9 @@ caldav_source_changed_cb (ESource *source,
g_return_if_fail (source != NULL);
g_return_if_fail (cbdav != NULL);
if (cbdav->priv->updating_source)
if (cbdav->priv->updating_source ||
!cbdav->priv->loaded ||
!e_cal_backend_is_opened (E_CAL_BACKEND (cbdav)))
cbdav->priv->updating_source = TRUE;
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