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    require Poppler 0.76.0 for ignoreDiacritics feature · 613826e6
    Nelson Benítez León authored
    instead of 0.73.0 (where it was first implemented)
    because 0.76.0 includes a fix for a regression that
    caused non-ascii search terms (like in eg. Russian)
    to not match anything when using the ignoreDiacritics
    The workaround is to use the 'case sensitive' search
    option (because using 'case sensitive' automatically
    disables ignoreDiacritics inside Poppler).
    But given that Fedora 30 (and probably other distros)
    ship Poppler 0.73.0, we better require the regression
    fixed version of Poppler, so to not regress on users
    which search text in the affected languages.
    Issue #1179
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