Commit fc031f76 authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs

libview: Update the caret cursor when jumping to a find result
parent 47e36992
......@@ -7640,6 +7640,9 @@ jump_to_find_result (EvView *view)
rect = ev_view_find_get_result (view, page, view->find_result);
_ev_view_transform_doc_rect_to_view_rect (view, page, rect, &view_rect);
ensure_rectangle_is_visible (view, &view_rect);
if (view->caret_enabled && view->rotation == 0)
position_caret_cursor_at_doc_point (view, page, rect->x1, rect->y1);
view->jump_to_find_result = FALSE;
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