Commit aa988afb authored by Marek Kašík's avatar Marek Kašík

Scroll to the search result selected by user

Scroll to page on which is the search result selected by user
when not in continuous mode.
parent 48c9899b
......@@ -8158,6 +8158,9 @@ jump_to_find_page (EvView *view, EvViewFindDirection direction, gint shift)
if (!view->continuous)
ev_document_model_set_page (view->model, view->find_page);
static void
......@@ -8282,6 +8285,7 @@ ev_view_find_set_result (EvView *view, gint page, gint result)
view->find_page = page;
view->find_result = result;
jump_to_find_page (view, EV_VIEW_FIND_NEXT, 0);
jump_to_find_result (view);
gtk_widget_queue_draw (GTK_WIDGET (view));
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