Commit 937e77fc authored by Jose Aliste's avatar Jose Aliste

shell: Save correct position and size of window in Metadata

Since now Gtk manages (sometimes) client decorations, it is
not safe to use the values we get from configure events or
size allocate events and we must call gtk_window_get_size
and gtk_window_get_position

Patch by
parent 6c582494
......@@ -5880,6 +5880,7 @@ window_configure_event_cb (EvWindow *window, GdkEventConfigure *event, gpointer
GdkWindowState state;
gdouble document_width, document_height;
gint window_x, window_y, window_width, window_height;
if (!window->priv->metadata)
return FALSE;
......@@ -5890,14 +5891,16 @@ window_configure_event_cb (EvWindow *window, GdkEventConfigure *event, gpointer
if (window->priv->document) {
ev_document_get_max_page_size (window->priv->document,
&document_width, &document_height);
gtk_window_get_size (GTK_WINDOW (window), &window_width, &window_height);
gtk_window_get_position (GTK_WINDOW (window), &window_x, &window_y);
g_settings_set (window->priv->default_settings, "window-ratio", "(dd)",
(double)event->width / document_width,
(double)event->height / document_height);
(double)window_width / document_width,
(double)window_height / document_height);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_x", event->x);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_y", event->y);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_width", event->width);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_height", event->height);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_x", window_x);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_y", window_y);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_width",window_width);
ev_metadata_set_int (window->priv->metadata, "window_height", window_height);
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