Commit 478dd74e authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

libdocument: Port To GtkStyleContext

parent afa18f6b
......@@ -140,10 +140,22 @@ ev_document_misc_paint_one_page (cairo_t *cr,
gboolean highlight,
gboolean inverted_colors)
GtkStyle *style = gtk_widget_get_style (widget);
GtkStateType state = gtk_widget_get_state (widget);
gdk_cairo_set_source_color (cr, highlight ? &style->text[state] : &style->dark[state]);
GtkStyleContext *context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
GtkStateFlags state = gtk_widget_get_state_flags (widget);
GdkRGBA fg, bg, shade_bg;
GtkSymbolicColor *c1, *c2;
gtk_style_context_get_background_color (context, state, &bg);
gtk_style_context_get_color (context, state, &fg);
// FIXME: should we cache the shade_bg?
c1 = gtk_symbolic_color_new_literal (&bg);
c2 = gtk_symbolic_color_new_shade (c1, 0.7);
gtk_symbolic_color_resolve (c2, NULL, &shade_bg);
gtk_symbolic_color_unref (c1);
gtk_symbolic_color_unref (c2);
gdk_cairo_set_source_rgba (cr, highlight ? &fg : &shade_bg);
gdk_cairo_rectangle (cr, area);
cairo_fill (cr);
......@@ -158,7 +170,7 @@ ev_document_misc_paint_one_page (cairo_t *cr,
area->height - (border->top + border->bottom));
cairo_fill (cr);
gdk_cairo_set_source_color (cr, &style->mid[state]);
gdk_cairo_set_source_rgba (cr, &bg);
cairo_rectangle (cr,
area->y + area->height - (border->bottom - border->top),
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