Commit 3779d1e0 authored by Tobias Mueller's avatar Tobias Mueller Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos

libdocument: Use a byte rather than an unsigned int for memset

Currently, gcc emits a warning for the constant used in the memset call.
memset really sets a byte, so let's use one here, instead of the bigger
unsigned integer.

ev-document-misc.c:77:40: warning: conversion of unsigned constant value
to negative integer [-Wsign-conversion]
    memset (data + (rowstride * i) + 4, 0xffffffff, nbytes);
parent b5f6f957
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ create_thumbnail_frame (int width,
gdk_pixbuf_fill (retval, 0x000000ff);
if (fill_bg) {
for (i = 1; i < height_r + 1; i++)
memset (data + (rowstride * i) + 4, 0xffffffff, width_r * 4);
memset (data + (rowstride * i) + 4, 0xff, width_r * 4);
/* copy the source pixbuf */
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