Commit 3213be22 authored by José Aliste's avatar José Aliste

shell: Add ev_window_get_toolbar

We need this to set the title and subtitle of the Toolbar.
parent 65711d97
......@@ -7255,6 +7255,14 @@ ev_window_get_document_model (EvWindow *ev_window)
return ev_window->priv->model;
GtkWidget *
ev_window_get_toolbar (EvWindow *ev_window)
g_return_val_if_fail (EV_WINDOW (ev_window), NULL);
return ev_window->priv->toolbar;
ev_window_focus_view (EvWindow *ev_window)
......@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ GMenuModel *ev_window_get_bookmarks_menu (EvWindow *ev_win
EvHistory *ev_window_get_history (EvWindow *ev_window);
EvDocumentModel *ev_window_get_document_model (EvWindow *ev_window);
void ev_window_focus_view (EvWindow *ev_window);
GtkWidget *ev_window_get_toolbar (EvWindow *ev_window);
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