Commit 257387cc authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

release: 3.14.2

parent e56e5e28
Evince 3.14.2
Bug fixes:
* Fix memory leak when adding new text annotations (Carlos Garcia
* Add = and <Ctrl>= keybindings for zooming in (#738625, Lars
* Fix printing of landscape documents (#734788, Carlos Garcia
* Fix a crash in recent-view when loading password protected
documents (#744049, Marek Kasik)
* Fix properties dialog shortcut (#739116, Boris Egorov)
* Bring back Open in new window action to the context menu
(#739046, Boris Egorov)
* Do not save n-copies when saving printing settings (#696203,
José Aliste)
* Use correct maximum size for thumbnail images in
evince-thumbnailer (#740877, Sebastian Keller)
* Fix a typo in that made configure fail with
ligbnome-desktop (#733721, Marek Kasik)
* Correctly scroll to the search result selected by user when not
in continuous mode (#730252, Marek Kasik)
* Fix quoting issues in (#739226, Alexander Tsoy)
* Fix runtime critical warning when starting in fullscreen mode
(#737864, Carlos Garcia Campos)
* Handle TIFF files reporting a 0 resolution (#646414, Gabor
* Disable toggle-find action for documents not supporting find
(#738262, Carlos Garcia Campos)
Translation updates:
* Daniel Martinez (an)
* Christian Kirbach (de)
* Jiri Grönroos (fi)
Evince 3.14.1
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