Commit 150d0cfa authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

ps: Make sure page labels are valid utf-8 strings

Fixes bug #654263.
parent b5b7d23a
......@@ -220,7 +220,21 @@ static char *
ps_document_get_page_label (EvDocument *document,
EvPage *page)
return g_strdup (spectre_page_get_label ((SpectrePage *)page->backend_page));
const gchar *label = spectre_page_get_label ((SpectrePage *)page->backend_page);
gchar *utf8;
if (!label)
return NULL;
if (g_utf8_validate (label, -1, NULL))
return g_strdup (label);
/* Try with latin1 and ASCII encondings */
utf8 = g_convert (label, -1, "utf-8", "latin1", NULL, NULL, NULL);
if (!utf8)
utf8 = g_convert (label, -1, "utf-8", "ASCII", NULL, NULL, NULL);
return utf8;
static EvDocumentInfo *
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