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    Add ev_job_load_new_with_data() to load files from data in memory. · 5316652b
    Krzesimir Nowak authored
    * libview/ev-jobs.h b/libview/ev-jobs.[h|c]: Add data and data_length struct
    fields. Add ev_job_load_new_with_data() to set them.
    ev_job_load_run(): Call the new ev_document_load_from_data() function instead
    of ev_document_load(), if data is set.
    * libdocument/ev-document-factory.[h|c]:
    Add ev_document_factory_get_document_from_data(), using the same strucure as
    the existing ev_document_factory_get_document(uri). Note that this does not
    yet support compressed data.
    * libdocument/ev-document.[h|c]: Add a load_data() vfunc.
    Add ev_document_load_from_data(), calling that vfunc, like the existing
    * backend/pdf/ev-poppler.cc: Add pdf_document_load_data(), implementing
    the EvDocument load_data vfunc.
    Original patch by Murray Cumming <murrayc@murrayc.com>
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