1. 24 Nov, 2019 3 commits
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      Add support for text search across lines · d2d6415c
      Nelson Ben authored
      Implemented in poppler MR:
      as the new poppler result data type is PopplerFindRectangle which
      incorporates more fields than just coordinates, we create a
      corresponding type in Evince, called EvFindRectangle, and use it
      all across Evince including the pdf backend (ev-poppler.cc) and
      djvu backend (djvu-document.c) which are the only backends that
      implement text search interface.
      This new feature has the following aspects:
       - Ignores hyphen character while matching when 1) it's the
         last character of the line and 2) its corresponding matching
         character in the search term is not an hyphen too.
       - Any whitespace characters in the search term will be allowed
         to match on the logic position where the lines split (i.e. what
         would normally be the newline character in a text file, but
         PDF text does not include newline characters between lines).
       - It won't match on text spanning more than two lines, i.e. it
         only matches text spanning from end of one line to start of
         next line.
      Part of issue #333
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      ignore scroll, text selection events while unfocused · 5e6ff7ab
      Nelson Ben authored
      If we are unfocused, ignore scroll, text selection
      events that we may still be receiving if user has not
      released the pressed button.
      Issue #943
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      Release 3.35.1 · 66b6faa3
      Germán Poo-Caamaño authored
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  3. 17 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      libview: don't enable popup actions on page change · 5031528f
      Jason Crain authored
      Action states are reset on page change, so if the page changes while a
      popup menu is shown, such as during kinetic scrolling, the popup will
      show all items, including the context-sensitive ones which should be
      Fix this by not enabling popup actions on page change. The appropriate
      actions are already enabled when the popup is shown.
      Fixes #1168
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