Commit fd0e6768 authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

[libview] Remove ev_view_set_screen_dpi() from EvView

parent bdb09d6e
......@@ -161,7 +161,6 @@ struct _EvView {
gint rotation;
gdouble scale;
gint spacing;
gdouble dpi;
gboolean loading;
gboolean continuous;
......@@ -5209,16 +5209,6 @@ ev_view_get_zoom (EvView *view)
return view->scale;
ev_view_set_screen_dpi (EvView *view,
gdouble dpi)
g_return_if_fail (EV_IS_VIEW (view));
g_return_if_fail (dpi > 0);
view->dpi = dpi;
ev_view_get_continuous (EvView *view)
......@@ -89,8 +89,6 @@ void ev_view_zoom_out (EvView *view);
void ev_view_set_zoom (EvView *view,
double factor);
double ev_view_get_zoom (EvView *view);
void ev_view_set_screen_dpi (EvView *view,
gdouble dpi);
void ev_view_rotate_left (EvView *view);
void ev_view_rotate_right (EvView *view);
void ev_view_set_rotation (EvView *view,
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