Commit 8aa0b0c6 authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos

[shell] Add tooltip text for inverted colors action

parent d7823d3a
......@@ -5240,7 +5240,8 @@ static const GtkToggleActionEntry toggle_entries[] = {
{ "ViewPageWidth", EV_STOCK_ZOOM_WIDTH, N_("Fit Page _Width"), NULL,
N_("Make the current document fill the window width"),
G_CALLBACK (ev_window_cmd_view_page_width) },
{ "ViewInvertedColors", EV_STOCK_INVERTED_COLORS, N_("_Inverted Colors"), "<control>I", NULL,
{ "ViewInvertedColors", EV_STOCK_INVERTED_COLORS, N_("_Inverted Colors"), "<control>I",
N_("Show page contents with the colors inverted"),
G_CALLBACK (ev_window_cmd_view_inverted_colors) },
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