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    pdf: let launch action to open pdfs from click event · e5594f96
    Nelson Ben authored and Germán Poo-Caamaño's avatar Germán Poo-Caamaño committed
    Issue #1333 removed Evince ability to run any command
    from pdf 'launch action', while the security concerns
    brought up in #1333 were valid, the measure implemented
    was maybe too drastic, as there are valid use cases
    where launching a pdf is needed.
    For instance, the cases described in issue #48, one of
    them is the document 'Nissan Patrol Maintenance Manual'
    which is comprised of several pdf files, where there is
    one acting as index for the others, this index pdf file
    uses the launch action to open the other pdf's.
    So this commit allows to launch a file from a link
    action only when:
    - that file is a pdf file.
    - the launch action originates from click event,
      to be sure the user requested the action.
    Besides, we don't just let the system execute the
    file, but because it's a pdf we do it ourselves by
    launching a new evince instance (or if that file was
    already opened then presenting its window).
    Fixes issue #48