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      Remove support for do-not-track headers · 0cc6315c
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      It's removed from Safari since fingerprinting risk outweighs negligible
      privacy benefit. The risk is lower for Epiphany since we have it enabled
      by default -- a direct violation of the standard, of course -- but it's
      a failed standard anyway, time to die.
      (cherry picked from commit 2b85d528)
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      Expose setting to configure hardware acceleration policy · 1618a34e
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      Accelerated compositing mode is required to achieve acceptable
      performance on certain hardware that we care about, but also causes
      unacceptable performance degredation on other hardware. It also
      significantly increases memory usage requirements.
      Let's allow the user to choose. Distributors can use a gsettings
      override if needed to target particular hardware.
      Default policy will be on-demand, at least for now. Might be revisited
      again soon. Maybe very soon.
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    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      First pass at improving reader mode styling · 301ac606
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      The following fonts are used for reader mode:
      - Merriweather (both the serif and sans variants) for text and titles.
      - Adobe Source Pro for monospaced/preformatted text content.
      A copy of the fonts is included and used as Web fonts. The CSS rules
      are designed to match locally installed copies first, thus avoiding
      the need for WebKit to fetch them from the bundled resources when
      available in the system. The fonts are distributed under the terms of
      the SIL OFL license.
      On addition to the existing styling, a dark variant is provided as
      well. Chosing the colorscheme is achieved by setting the "light" or
      "dark" class in the <body> element. Whether to use the serif or
      sans-serif font variant is chosen similarly using the "sans" and
      "serif" CSS classes.
      This adds two settings as well in a new org.gnome.Epiphany.reader
      scheme, which for now can be set using external tools like dconf Editor
      or the gsettings command line tools:
      - font-style: Chooses between sans-serif and serif font.
      - color-scheme: Chooses between light or dark background.
      For the moment the settings are read only when reader mode is activated.
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      Remove auto-open downloads feature · a41416c9
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This is inherently unsafe because a webpage can download a malicious
      file without user interaction, and trust it will open automatically in
      a vulnerable application.
      We will continue to download files automatically, despite the various
      Chrome hacks from last year proving that this can be abused via tracker
      and GNOME desktop thumbnailers. Tracker now mitigates this risk using
      libseccomp, and GNOME desktop thumbnailers are now run under bubblewrap.
  26. 03 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Compile gsettings schemas in build directory · 8e0f8b96
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This allows us to run the tests in situations where Epiphany is not
      installed on the host system, e.g. when running under BuildStream.
      As a bonus, we'll point Epiphany here as well when built in developer
      mode, so that it can be run from the build directory when uninstalled.
      This is needed to facilitate easy build/test/run inside BuildStream.
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