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    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      Decode last component of URIs to determine file names for saving · 8e82c479
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      In the logic to determine which filename to use when saving a non-HTML
      resource the last component of the URI was being used as-is, which could
      include percent-encoded characters. Calling soup_uri_decode() before
      using the value ensures that we present readable file names to the user.
      Also, this stops using g_file_get_basename() to extract the last
      component of an URI because it would horribly break on platforms which
      do not use a slash (“/”) as path separator.
      This fixes bug #780086
  16. 02 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Iulian Radu's avatar
      add-bookmark-popover: Save bookmarks on both popover show and close · 22bdf160
      Iulian Radu authored
      Due to the fact that a bookmark is added to the manager when the popover
      is closed, a press on the bookmark button followed by a press on the "Remove
      bookmark" button causes a crash because ephy_bookmarks_manager_remove_bookmark()
      tries to find the new bookmark which has not been added yet.
      Revert to the original behaviour where a bookmark is saved immediately
      after pressing the star, but also save the bookmark when the popover is
      closed in case the user changed something while the popover was open
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    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      Use GtkFileChooserNative for open/save dialogs · 26ca8c65
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      This fixes bug #779922, making Epiphany a better citizen in the world of
      sanboxed applications, and potentially when running under non-GNOME DEs
      as well.
      The ephy_file_chooser_new() function is turned into an utility function
      which instantiates a GtkFileChooserNative under the hood, returning it
      as a GtkFileChooser* to keep most of the rest of the Epiphany code
      unchanged, saving for:
      - Calls are changed to gtk_native_dialog_* where appropriate.
      - The preview widget is gone, as it is not supported by native dialogs.
      - All the calls to ephy_file_chooser_new() pass in a valid parent
        GtkWindow, so the code that handled NULL parents is gone.
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    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      shell: Use a different application-id for web apps · 2ddf52db
      Florian Müllner authored
      Since epiphany renamed its .desktop file, web apps no longer appear
      as separate applications in GNOME, but are all grouped under the
      regular epiphany application. This happens because the GApplication
      ID is among the properties gnome-shell uses to match a .desktop file
      to a window, and as that match now succeeds, the WM_CLASS that points
      to the correct .desktop file is not used at all.
      It may be nice to make web apps' .desktop files use reverse notation
      as well in the future and use a matching GApplication ID, but for now
      just using an ID that cannot be resolved to a .desktop file is enough
      to make gnome-shell fall back to matching on the WM_CLASS again.
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