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      Simpler custom CSS theming for non-Adwaita themes · 6406d184
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      In particular, the theming for the incognito windows tends to look odd
      with themes other than Adwaita. It is possible to load different CSS
      resources depending on the selected theme by handling changes to the
      GtkSettings::gtk-theme-name property: this splits the CSS into a
      "shared.css" part which contains the rules which play well with most
      themes, and an "Adwaita.css" which builds upon the shared CSS rules
      and is loaded only for the Adwaita theme. The CSS code is still
      generated from SCSS, with definitions used by SCSS snippets moved
      into a new _definitions.scss file to avoid repeating them.
      Note that instead of manually handling theme changes, EphyEmbedShell
      is changed to inherit from DzlApplication (instead of GtkApplication),
      which already implements the desired CSS resource loading behaviour.
      This makes the existing CSS loading code unneeded, and therefore it
      is removed. Also, the resources are moved into the resource path
      /org/gnome/Epiphany/themes as expected by DzlApplication.