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    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      Simpler custom CSS theming for non-Adwaita themes · 6406d184
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      In particular, the theming for the incognito windows tends to look odd
      with themes other than Adwaita. It is possible to load different CSS
      resources depending on the selected theme by handling changes to the
      GtkSettings::gtk-theme-name property: this splits the CSS into a
      "shared.css" part which contains the rules which play well with most
      themes, and an "Adwaita.css" which builds upon the shared CSS rules
      and is loaded only for the Adwaita theme. The CSS code is still
      generated from SCSS, with definitions used by SCSS snippets moved
      into a new _definitions.scss file to avoid repeating them.
      Note that instead of manually handling theme changes, EphyEmbedShell
      is changed to inherit from DzlApplication (instead of GtkApplication),
      which already implements the desired CSS resource loading behaviour.
      This makes the existing CSS loading code unneeded, and therefore it
      is removed. Also, the resources are moved into the resource path
      /org/gnome/Epiphany/themes as expected by DzlApplication.
  6. 08 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Drop gnome-desktop dependency by copying thumbnail factory bits · ec967185
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      gnome-desktop is not supposed to be used by applications, that's why
      it's not in the runtime. And we have an Epiphany-specific security
      problem in the thumbnailer, which we cannot otherwise fix without adding
      new gnome-desktop API that would only be useful for Epiphany.
      The thumbnail factory is a lot of code, and we only need a small bit of
      In particular, get rid of the thumbnail mtime tracking code, which is
      unnecessary now that we control the thumbnailing code. For the past
      couple of years, it has only been used to convince the thumbnail factory
      to not discard our requests for thumbnails.
      Also, save the snapshots under ~/.cache/epiphany, so that we can delete
      them. Right now, we store undeletable snapshots of all the websites you
      view, which don't go away when clearing history (except, fortunately, in
      incognito mode). Now we can fix that.
      This commit also contains a minor memory leak fix, for good measure.
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    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Switch to DzlApplication · 6d4354e6
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This ensures the CSS for DzlSuggestionEntry gets loaded. We could do
      that manually but there's not really any reason not to use
      DzlApplication now that we're going to depend on libdazzle.
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    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Start using #pragma once · e797e97d
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      It's now required by WebKit, so no reason not to.
      Also, clean up a couple places that are missing G_BEGIN_DECLS. Not that
      it matters at all, since we don't use any C++.
  20. 08 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Remove vestiges of public API · 18dc1e1f
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      It's been gone for years, and it's not coming back. If we support
      extensions in the future, it would be via the WebExtensions API.
      This makes me less annoyed by having to maintain a meaningless
      distinction between installed and non-installed header files (it's been
      years since any headers were installed). It also makes me less annoyed
      by having to look at meaningless direct-inclusion guards. And finally,
      it makes me less annoyed because each time I see those direct-inclusion
      guards, I think of how they really ought to be inside the normal include
      guards, rather than outside, to avoid breaking GCC and Clang's
      optimization to avoid unnecessarily reading the contents of the header
      file. (WebKit gets this wrong, too.) You can thank me if this makes
      Epiphany compile 0.1s or so faster for you.
      There are no useful changes in this commit.
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    • Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar
      downloads: Do not add automatically the downloads to the UI when they are created · d7941bf0
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      This allows the creator to decide whether to add the download to the UI
      or not and when. The downloads are no longer handled by the
      EphyEmbedShell making clear who takes the ownership. Downloads are now
      explicitly added to a particular Ephywindow, instead of all the windows
      be notified by a download and deciding whether such download belongs to
      that particular window or not.
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