1. 24 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Remove auto-open downloads feature · a41416c9
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This is inherently unsafe because a webpage can download a malicious
      file without user interaction, and trust it will open automatically in
      a vulnerable application.
      We will continue to download files automatically, despite the various
      Chrome hacks from last year proving that this can be abused via tracker
      and GNOME desktop thumbnailers. Tracker now mitigates this risk using
      libseccomp, and GNOME desktop thumbnailers are now run under bubblewrap.
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      Allow to have different settings in web applications · 7f065b1c
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      Make org.gnome.Epiphany.web schema relocatable to be used by web apps.
      Settings in org.gnome.Epiphany.web schema are now per web app, allowing
      users to have different settings in the main epiphany instance and in
      every web applications installed. Newly created web apps inherit the
      settings from the main instance. To make this possible I also had to
      move some of the settings:
       - user-agent, remember-passwords and enable-smooth-scrolling has been
         moved from the main schema to web. The profile migrator will copy the
         values from the main schema to the web one. Settings are not actually
         moved, but copied marking the old ones as deprecated.
       - adblock-filters has been moved from web to main schema, because it's
         actually shared, web apps use the default profile filters. This is
         not migrated because it's very recent setting and probably everybody
         is using the default value anyway since it's not exposed in the UI
      When the profile migrator is run for the main ephy instance, we simply
      copy the values of the deprecated settings to its new location. When
      it's run for a web app we copy the settings from the main profile. If
      the migrator was not run for the main profile yet, we use the deprecated
      values instead. This way web apps will be ensured to have the same
      The app menu for web applications includes now the preferences item to
      show the preferences dialog. The dialog is the same as the main one,
      but with with the global options hidden.
      This patch also removes ephy_settings_ensure_schema_for_path() and
      relocatable schemas are configured automatically based on the current
      profile dir, making it less error prone.
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