Commit fac0c33e authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos Committed by Michael Catanzaro

Remove custom implementation of webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction

Use the new WebKit API instead.
parent aae83d4b
......@@ -1253,65 +1253,6 @@ context_menu_dismissed_cb (WebKitWebView *webView,
_ephy_window_unset_context_event (window);
typedef struct {
GAction *action;
GVariant *parameter;
} GActionData;
static void
action_activate_cb (GtkAction *action, gpointer user_data)
GActionData *action_data = (GActionData *)user_data;
g_action_activate (action_data->action, action_data->parameter);
if (action_data->parameter != NULL)
g_variant_unref (action_data->parameter);
g_slice_free (GActionData, action_data);
static WebKitContextMenuItem *
webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction_with_parameter (GAction *action,
const char *label,
GVariant *parameter)
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
GtkAction *gtk_action;
WebKitContextMenuItem *item;
GActionData *action_data;
action_data = g_slice_new (GActionData);
action_data->action = action;
action_data->parameter = parameter;
if (parameter != NULL)
g_variant_ref_sink (parameter);
gtk_action = gtk_action_new (g_action_get_name (action), label, NULL, NULL);
g_signal_connect (gtk_action, "activate",
G_CALLBACK (action_activate_cb), action_data);
g_object_bind_property (action, "enabled",
gtk_action, "sensitive",
item = webkit_context_menu_item_new (gtk_action);
g_object_unref (gtk_action);
return item;
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop
static WebKitContextMenuItem *
webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction (GAction *action,
const char *label)
return webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction_with_parameter (action, label, NULL);
static char *
ellipsize_string (const char *string,
glong max_length)
......@@ -1384,14 +1325,11 @@ add_action_to_context_menu (WebKitContextMenu *context_menu,
action = g_action_map_lookup_action (G_ACTION_MAP (action_group), name);
label = g_hash_table_lookup (window->action_labels, name);
if (strcmp (label, "search-selection-placeholder") != 0) {
webkit_context_menu_append (context_menu, webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction (action, _(label)));
webkit_context_menu_append (context_menu, webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction (action, _(label), NULL));
} else {
search_term = g_variant_get_string (target, NULL);
search_label = format_search_label (search_term);
webkit_context_menu_append (context_menu,
webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction_with_parameter (action,
g_variant_new_string (search_term)));
webkit_context_menu_append (context_menu, webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_gaction (action, search_label, target));
g_free (search_label);
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