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<desc>What is a <em>Web Application</em> and how do I use it?</desc>
<title>Create a Web Application</title>
<p>You can save webpages as a <em>Web Application</em>. This will add a link
to the page to the <link href="help:gnome-help/shell-terminology">Activities
overview</link>. When you open a Web Application, it is shown in a special
type of window without the address bar or the menus.</p>
<p>Open the webpage which you want to save.</p>
<guiseq><gui style="menu">**gear**</gui><gui style="menuitem">Save as Web
<p>Name your Web Application, then press
<gui style="button">Create</gui>.</p>
<p>You can now launch launch the Web Application from the Activities
overview. To search for your application, start typing the name and it will
be showin with the other search results.</p>
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