Commit d1d329e5 authored by Martin Robinson's avatar Martin Robinson Committed by Xan Lopez

Delay hiding the statusbar overlay when the status text changes.

Delaying the statusbar hide prevents the overlay from flickering
when moving the cursor over a series of links.
parent af225d4e
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ struct _EphyEmbedPrivate
guint seq_message_id;
guint tab_message_id;
guint pop_statusbar_later_source_id;
G_DEFINE_TYPE (EphyEmbed, ephy_embed, GTK_TYPE_BOX)
......@@ -439,6 +440,17 @@ _ephy_embed_set_statusbar_label (EphyEmbed *embed, const char *label)
gtk_widget_show (parent);
static gboolean
pop_statusbar_later_cb (gpointer data)
EphyEmbed *embed = EPHY_EMBED (data);
EphyEmbedPrivate *priv = embed->priv;
ephy_embed_statusbar_pop (embed, priv->tab_message_id);
priv->pop_statusbar_later_source_id = 0;
return FALSE;
static void
status_message_notify_cb (EphyWebView *view, GParamSpec *pspec, EphyEmbed *embed)
......@@ -449,10 +461,19 @@ status_message_notify_cb (EphyWebView *view, GParamSpec *pspec, EphyEmbed *embed
priv = embed->priv;
ephy_embed_statusbar_pop (embed, priv->tab_message_id);
if (message) {
if (priv->pop_statusbar_later_source_id) {
g_source_remove (priv->pop_statusbar_later_source_id);
priv->pop_statusbar_later_source_id = 0;
if (message)
ephy_embed_statusbar_pop (embed, priv->tab_message_id);
ephy_embed_statusbar_push (embed, priv->tab_message_id, message);
} else {
/* A short timeout before hiding the statusbar ensures that while moving
over a series of links, the overlay widget doesn't flicker on and off. */
priv->pop_statusbar_later_source_id = g_timeout_add (250, pop_statusbar_later_cb, embed);
static void
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