Commit c6fc9cc5 authored by Xan Lopez's avatar Xan Lopez

ephy-web-view.c: do not duplicate the logic to figure out if a page is secure

Just return the status we set when loading.
parent cc64c681
......@@ -2000,16 +2000,10 @@ ephy_web_view_get_security_level (EphyWebView *view,
EphyWebViewSecurityLevel *level,
char **description)
if (level) {
const gchar *uri = ephy_web_view_get_address (view);
g_return_if_fail (EPHY_IS_WEB_VIEW (view));
/* FIXME: as a temporary workaround, determine security level
based on the existence of a 'https' prefix for the URI */
if (uri && g_str_has_prefix(uri, "https"))
if (level)
*level = view->priv->security_level;
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