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<title>Create a Web Application</title>
<p>You can save webpages as a <em>Web Application</em>. This will add a link
to the page to the <link href="help:gnome-help/shell-terminology">Activities
to the page to the <link href="help:gnome-help/shell-introduction#activities">Activities
overview</link>. When you open a Web Application, it is shown in a special
type of window without the address bar or the menus.</p>
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<title>Use a proxy</title>
<p>You can use a proxy server for browsing the web. To use a web proxy when
browsing, you need to <link href="help:gnome-help#net-proxy">set it up in the
browsing, you need to <link href="help:gnome-help/net-proxy">set it up in the
GNOME <gui>Network</gui> settings panel</link>.</p>
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