Commit b0a26d9a authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

embed: fix web inspector dock right button

It's currently impossible to support dock to right if we handle inspector
attachment manually, because there is no WebKit API to tell Epiphany where
to dock the inspector. We needed to handle it manually in the past for
some legacy reason, but not anymore, so just remove this code.
parent be714704
......@@ -507,19 +507,9 @@ static gboolean
ephy_embed_attach_inspector_cb (WebKitWebInspector *inspector,
EphyEmbed *embed)
GtkWidget *inspector_view = GTK_WIDGET (webkit_web_inspector_get_web_view (inspector));
int inspected_view_height;
guint attached_height;
inspected_view_height = gtk_widget_get_allocated_height (GTK_WIDGET (embed->web_view));
attached_height = webkit_web_inspector_get_attached_height (inspector);
gtk_paned_set_position (embed->paned, inspected_view_height - attached_height);
gtk_paned_add2 (embed->paned, inspector_view);
gtk_widget_show (inspector_view);
embed->inspector_loaded = TRUE;
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
static gboolean
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