Commit a53d6726 authored by Xan Lopez's avatar Xan Lopez

Add a function to get the EphyWebView inside an EphyEmbed.

For the benefit of bindings.
parent f570f60a
......@@ -720,3 +720,18 @@ ephy_embed_init (EphyEmbed *embed)
* ephy_embed_get_web_view:
* @embed: and #EphyEmbed
* Returns the #EphyWebView wrapped by @embed.
* Returns: an #EphyWebView
ephy_embed_get_web_view (EphyEmbed *embed)
g_return_val_if_fail (EPHY_IS_EMBED (embed), NULL);
return EPHY_WEB_VIEW (embed->priv->web_view);
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ struct EphyEmbedClass {
GtkScrolledWindowClass parent_class;
GType ephy_embed_get_type (void);
GType ephy_embed_get_type (void);
EphyWebView* ephy_embed_get_web_view (EphyEmbed *embed);
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