Commit 766344b2 authored by Gabriel Ivascu's avatar Gabriel Ivascu Committed by Michael Catanzaro

sync-service: No need to prettify the secrets JSON string

parent a8cf04b6
......@@ -1569,7 +1569,7 @@ ephy_sync_service_store_secrets (EphySyncService *self)
while (g_hash_table_iter_next (&iter, &key, &value))
json_object_set_string_member (object, key, value);
json_node_set_object (node, object);
json_string = json_to_string (node, TRUE);
json_string = json_to_string (node, FALSE);
secret = secret_value_new (json_string, -1, "text/plain");
attributes = secret_attributes_build (EPHY_SYNC_SECRET_SCHEMA,
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