Commit 76485ee4 authored by Gabriel Ivascu's avatar Gabriel Ivascu

prefs-dialog: Don't allow empty string for sync device name

parent 7db74323
......@@ -635,10 +635,16 @@ on_sync_device_name_save_button_clicked (GtkWidget *button,
PrefsDialog *dialog)
EphySyncService *service = ephy_shell_get_sync_service (ephy_shell_get_default ());
const char *name;
const char *text;
name = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (dialog->sync_device_name_entry));
ephy_sync_service_register_device (service, name);
text = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (dialog->sync_device_name_entry));
if (!g_strcmp0 (text, "")) {
char *name = ephy_sync_utils_get_device_name ();
gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (dialog->sync_device_name_entry), name);
g_free (name);
} else {
ephy_sync_service_register_device (service, text);
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (dialog->sync_device_name_entry), FALSE);
gtk_widget_set_visible (GTK_WIDGET (dialog->sync_device_name_change_button), TRUE);
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