Commit 6dbdee69 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

notebook: Do not use a popover for the tab selection menu

GTK+ popover menus are not scrollable, so they are not suitable for a
menu that needs to accomodate huge numbers of items. Currently it is
quite easy to wind up with the menu flowing off the bottom of the
screen, with the menu items becoming inaccessible.
parent 9cb4656c
......@@ -465,7 +465,6 @@ ephy_notebook_constructed (GObject *object)
EphyNotebook *notebook = EPHY_NOTEBOOK (object);
GtkWidget *hbox;
GtkWidget *button;
GtkWidget *popover;
G_OBJECT_CLASS (ephy_notebook_parent_class)->constructed (object);
......@@ -489,9 +488,9 @@ ephy_notebook_constructed (GObject *object)
gtk_widget_show (button);
notebook->tab_menu = g_menu_new ();
popover = gtk_popover_new (button);
gtk_popover_bind_model (GTK_POPOVER (popover), G_MENU_MODEL (notebook->tab_menu), "win");
gtk_menu_button_set_popover (GTK_MENU_BUTTON (button), popover);
/* Remove this when popover menus become scrollable. */
gtk_menu_button_set_use_popover (GTK_MENU_BUTTON (button), FALSE);
gtk_menu_button_set_menu_model (GTK_MENU_BUTTON (button), G_MENU_MODEL (notebook->tab_menu));
static void
......@@ -574,7 +573,7 @@ ephy_notebook_rebuild_tab_menu (EphyNotebook *notebook)
text = get_nth_tab_label_text (GTK_NOTEBOOK (notebook), i);
ellipsized_text = ellipsize_tab_label (text);
item = g_menu_item_new (ellipsized_text, NULL);
g_menu_item_set_action_and_target (item, "show-tab", "u", (guint)i, NULL);
g_menu_item_set_action_and_target (item, "", "u", (guint)i, NULL);
g_menu_append_item (notebook->tab_menu, item);
g_free (ellipsized_text);
g_object_unref (item);
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