Commit 4a9588f5 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

embed-shell: Fix protection against recursive launching

It needs to use the new desktop file name.

I don't think g_application_get_id() is the best way to handle this.
Best just hardcode the desktop file name.
parent 27b9f188
......@@ -1392,11 +1392,7 @@ ephy_embed_shell_launch_handler (EphyEmbedShell *shell,
/* Do not allow recursive calls into the browser, they can lead to
* infinite loops and they should never happen anyway. */
/* FIXME: Should use g_application_get_application_id() here instead of
* hardcoding epiphany.desktop. But first, we have to rename the desktop file.
if (!app || g_strcmp0 (g_app_info_get_id (app), "epiphany.desktop") == 0)
if (!app || g_strcmp0 (g_app_info_get_id (app), "org.gnome.Epiphany.desktop") == 0)
return ret;
list = g_list_append (list, file);
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