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Epiphany doesn't use ChangeLog anymore. Instead, we use SVN checkin comments
to autogenerate a ChangeLog file at "make dist" time.

When committing a patch to svn, you must use a checkin comment that fully
describes the changes made. If the checkin is related to a bug, reference
the bug number. Example:

        When removing a toolbar, make its items available again in the toolbar
        editor. (Bug #131182)

Checkin comments MUST use the UTF-8 encoding.

If you forget to check in some changes that belonged in the same commit (e.g.
you accidentally omitted a file), you must copy the checkin comment from the
previous, incomplete checkin, and additionally reference that commit's svn
revision number.

DO NOT use meaningless checkin comments such as "forgotten file" !

If you make a major mistake in the checkin comment (e.g it is empty, or
you've forgotten to cite the bug numbers), you must create a new checkin
that touches all files the original checkin changed (just using whitespace
changes preferably, or fix a random typo), and in the new checkin comment
you must note that this new checkin fixes the original checkin, referencing
it by its SVN revision number.

Do NOT commit to this module without permission from a maintainer.
See the MAINTAINERS file for who they are.