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      Remove the HTTPS Everywhere support · 762c7bc9
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      It's experimental and not supposed to be enabled, but got turned on in
      Arch, so best move it to a sidebranch for now. I'm not sure if we'll
      ever bring it back, though. HTTPS Everywhere was a great idea a few
      years ago, when it was common for websites to offer experimental support
      for HTTPS but not redirect users to it automatically. Nowadays, such
      websites almost always problems, such as blocked mixed content or invalid
      HTTPS certificates, or have disabled HTTPS since the ruleset was
      written. That means, to do this right, we have to ignore TLS errors --
      including in subresources -- and disable mixed content blocking. This
      scheme to preserve web compatibility needs to be implemented before we
      consider bringing it back.
      Meanwhile, more and more websites are redirecting to HTTPS and are
      nowadays configured to handle this correctly, so the necessity of HTTPS
      Everywhere is lower now than ever before, and decreasing fast. Moreover,
      if a website implements its own proper support for HTTPS and starts
      automatically redirecting users to it, but the ruleset is not updated,
      then under the scheme I propose above, the ruleset would become a way of
      *reducing* security for websites once they've begun to support HTTPS. So
      I'm skeptical that we should bring this back at all. Times, they are
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      Just stop running all the tests · 3d674bbd
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      Probably a recipe for disaster, but half the tests are already broken
      and disabled, why not disable even more? But really, I just don't want
      to reinstall JHBuild in order to do a release.
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      Rename build options · d92acde9
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      The Meson developers have recommended that we omit enable/disable
      prefixes from option names, as it's redundant with the boolean value.
      Note that we intentionally retain underscores, rather than hyphens.
      There doesn't seem to be a convention for Meson, but this is suggested
      by the Meson documentation, looks nicer, and matches the convention in
      CMake world, which is the only other major build system to use -D
      notation for defining options.
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      Disable debug goo in release mode · 8b888311
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      All our debug stuff has been enabled in release mode since switching to
      meson. Time to fix that.
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