1. 02 Dec, 2021 4 commits
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      resources/gtk: Fix keyboard focus for some buttons and rows · d1dfa723
      Vanadiae authored
      Currently the bookmarks popover isn't keyboard navigable at all, with
      only the "folder" rows being reachable. The settings row button also
      wasn't keyboard navigable. The switch and button in the encoding dialog
      also had this problem.
      So this commit fixes the focus for all those.
      Part-of: <!987>
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      resources/gtk: Remove plenty of useless (and harmless) can_focus · 23f93a4f
      Vanadiae authored
      In the UI files there's a lot of places where can_focus is set, even
      when it makes no sense to have it because by default it is set to False,
      and is adapted by the widget implementations depending on whether it
      makes sense to have it set. So for example tons of buttons or rows had
      can-focus set to True, although it's already the default for those, or
      set to False for labels. Some containers also had their can-focus set
      to True/False although they almost never need focus (and have it set
      to False by default too).
      So this commit removes all those useless can-focus, but only the one
      that shouldn't fix any keyboard focus issue.
      Part-of: <!987>
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