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      First pass at improving reader mode styling · 301ac606
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      The following fonts are used for reader mode:
      - Merriweather (both the serif and sans variants) for text and titles.
      - Adobe Source Pro for monospaced/preformatted text content.
      A copy of the fonts is included and used as Web fonts. The CSS rules
      are designed to match locally installed copies first, thus avoiding
      the need for WebKit to fetch them from the bundled resources when
      available in the system. The fonts are distributed under the terms of
      the SIL OFL license.
      On addition to the existing styling, a dark variant is provided as
      well. Chosing the colorscheme is achieved by setting the "light" or
      "dark" class in the <body> element. Whether to use the serif or
      sans-serif font variant is chosen similarly using the "sans" and
      "serif" CSS classes.
      This adds two settings as well in a new org.gnome.Epiphany.reader
      scheme, which for now can be set using external tools like dconf Editor
      or the gsettings command line tools:
      - font-style: Chooses between sans-serif and serif font.
      - color-scheme: Chooses between light or dark background.
      For the moment the settings are read only when reader mode is activated.
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