Commit cd340402 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro Committed by Jan-Michael Brummer
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session: return earlier if no page has been loaded

There is no need to bother creating the SaveData object in this case.
parent 6dd3ac6b
......@@ -997,6 +997,9 @@ ephy_session_save_timeout_cb (EphySession *session)
session->save_source_id = 0;
if (!session->loaded_page)
/* If we have never successfully loaded any page, or any web view has an
* insane URL, then something has probably gone wrong inside WebKit. For
* instance, if the web process is nonfunctional, the UI process could have
......@@ -1005,7 +1008,7 @@ ephy_session_save_timeout_cb (EphySession *session)
* file with our new bogus state. Bug #768250.
data = save_data_new (session);
if (!session->loaded_page || !session_seems_reasonable (data->windows)) {
if (!session_seems_reasonable (data->windows)) {
save_data_free (data);
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