Commit beff7a53 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro
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Stop explicitly passing -Wdeclaration-after-statement... AX_COMPILER_FLAGS.

It's already enabled by default, as if it were useful for some reason.
parent 00b134d0
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ AC_SUBST([EPIPHANY_MAJOR],[epiphany_version_major.epiphany_version_minor])
AX_COMPILER_FLAGS([WARN_CFLAGS], [WARN_LDFLAGS], [$ax_is_release], [-Wdeclaration-after-statement],
dnl TODO: Remove all of these! These warnings should be fixed, not
dnl silenced. At least, for the most part. -Wswitch-enum really does
dnl seem pretty dumb.
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