Commit a5bc4bd7 authored by Alexander Mikhaylenko's avatar Alexander Mikhaylenko
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window: Use signal for forwarding keys to webkit

Don't override vfunc here, this way it's simpler and works better with
parent 279ccccd
......@@ -665,14 +665,15 @@ ephy_window_should_view_receive_key_press_event (EphyWindow *window,
static gboolean
ephy_window_key_press_event (GtkWidget *widget,
GdkEventKey *event)
key_press_event_cb (EphyWindow *window,
GdkEventKey *event)
EphyWebView *view;
view = ephy_embed_get_web_view (EPHY_WINDOW (widget)->active_embed);
if (gtk_window_get_focus (GTK_WINDOW (widget)) != GTK_WIDGET (view))
return GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (ephy_window_parent_class)->key_press_event (widget, event);
view = ephy_embed_get_web_view (window->active_embed);
if (gtk_window_get_focus (GTK_WINDOW (window)) != GTK_WIDGET (view))
/* GtkWindow's key press handler first calls gtk_window_activate_key,
* then gtk_window_propagate_key_event. We want to do the opposite,
......@@ -684,12 +685,8 @@ ephy_window_key_press_event (GtkWidget *widget,
* short-circuit the event propagation if it's a special keybinding
* that is reserved for Epiphany not allowed to be seen by webpages.
if (!ephy_window_should_view_receive_key_press_event (EPHY_WINDOW (widget), event) ||
!gtk_window_propagate_key_event (GTK_WINDOW (widget), event)) {
gtk_window_activate_key (GTK_WINDOW (widget), event);
if (ephy_window_should_view_receive_key_press_event (window, event))
return gtk_widget_event (GTK_WIDGET (view), (GdkEvent *)event);
......@@ -3847,7 +3844,6 @@ ephy_window_class_init (EphyWindowClass *klass)
object_class->get_property = ephy_window_get_property;
object_class->set_property = ephy_window_set_property;
widget_class->key_press_event = ephy_window_key_press_event;
widget_class->window_state_event = ephy_window_state_event;
widget_class->show = ephy_window_show;
widget_class->destroy = ephy_window_destroy;
......@@ -3889,6 +3885,8 @@ static void
ephy_window_init (EphyWindow *window)
LOG ("EphyWindow initialising %p", window);
g_signal_connect (window, "key-press-event", G_CALLBACK (key_press_event_cb), NULL);
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