Commit 954a14df authored by Juraj Fiala's avatar Juraj Fiala 🔥 Committed by Michael Catanzaro
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Add download finished notification
parent e5051738
......@@ -682,6 +682,36 @@ download_created_destination_cb (WebKitDownload *wk_download,
g_free (content_type);
static void
display_download_finished_notification (WebKitDownload *download)
GApplication *application;
GtkWindow *toplevel;
const char *dest;
application = G_APPLICATION (ephy_embed_shell_get_default ());
toplevel = gtk_application_get_active_window (GTK_APPLICATION (application));
dest = webkit_download_get_destination (download);
if (!gtk_window_is_active (toplevel) && dest != NULL) {
char *filename;
char *message;
GNotification *notification;
filename = g_filename_display_basename (dest);
/* Translators: a desktop notification when a download finishes. */
message = g_strdup_printf (_("Finished downloading %s"), filename);
/* Translators: the title of the notification. */
notification = g_notification_new (_("Download finished"));
g_notification_set_body (notification, message);
g_application_send_notification (application, "download-finished", notification);
g_free (filename);
g_free (message);
g_object_unref (notification);
static void
download_finished_cb (WebKitDownload *wk_download,
EphyDownload *download)
......@@ -694,6 +724,7 @@ download_finished_cb (WebKitDownload *wk_download,
ephy_download_do_download_action (download, download->action, download->start_time);
display_download_finished_notification (wk_download);
g_signal_emit (download, signals[COMPLETED], 0);
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