Commit 0c14b9d1 authored by Gustavo Noronha Silva's avatar Gustavo Noronha Silva
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Change default charset to iso-8859-1 for greater web compatibility

When servers reply with no explicit charset and the page does not specify a
charset either, the default behaviour on the web has been to consider the
contents to be in the iso-8859-1 encoding. That is why WebKit's default charset
setting defaults to iso-8859-1. By changing that default to UTF-8 we break
some web sites, such as

This change restores web compatibility by using the same default as WebKit.
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......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@
<description>Spell check any text typed in editable areas.</description>
<key type="s" name="default-encoding">
<summary>Default encoding</summary>
<description>Default encoding. Accepted values are the ones WebKitGTK+ can understand.</description>
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