Commit dfdc1874 authored by pdknsk's avatar pdknsk Committed by Felix Riemann
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Assume sRGB when image doesn't have an ICC profile attached

This seems to be no problem with other image viewers and
is apparently also recommended by W3C.
parent 1b0fb6b3
......@@ -693,7 +693,14 @@ eog_image_apply_display_profile (EogImage *img, cmsHPROFILE screen)
priv = img->priv;
if (screen == NULL || priv->profile == NULL) return;
if (screen == NULL) return;
if (priv->profile == NULL) {
/* Assume sRGB color space for images without ICC profile */
eog_debug_message (DEBUG_LCMS, "Image has no ICC profile. "
"Assuming sRGB.");
priv->profile = cmsCreate_sRGBProfile ();
/* TODO: support other colorspaces than RGB */
if (cmsGetColorSpace (priv->profile) != cmsSigRgbData ||
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