Commit 0c825906 authored by Felix Riemann's avatar Felix Riemann
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Ensure UI action sensitivity is set at least once

Beforehand empty windows had all UI actions active.
Activation could then spawn critical warnings. This was probably caused
by the switch to GtkApplication.
parent 4bb49b5c
......@@ -4692,6 +4692,8 @@ eog_window_construct_ui (EogWindow *window)
eog_window_can_save_changed_cb (priv->lockdown_settings,
update_action_groups_state (window);
if ((priv->flags & EOG_STARTUP_FULLSCREEN) ||
(priv->flags & EOG_STARTUP_SLIDE_SHOW)) {
eog_window_run_fullscreen (window, (priv->flags & EOG_STARTUP_SLIDE_SHOW));
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