Commit aca7153e authored by Felix Riemann's avatar Felix Riemann
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[champlain] Place map widget inside GtkFrame instead of a GtkViewport

This is a temporary workaround to avoid fatal X errors when destroying
the widget. A label-less GtkFrame should only look minimally different
to the viewport and avoids the fatal errors. See bgo#590692 for details.
parent 4131a1d8
2009-08-24 Felix Riemann <>
* plugins/champlain/eog-champlain-plugin.c (impl_activate):
Place the champlain widget inside a GtkFrame instead of a viewport.
This is just a temporary workaround until there is a solution for the
X errors mentioned in bug 590692.
2009-08-24 Felix Riemann <>
......@@ -271,9 +271,12 @@ impl_activate (EogPlugin *plugin, EogWindow *window)
(GDestroyNotify) free_window_data);
viewport = gtk_viewport_new (NULL, NULL);
/* This is a workaround until bug 590692 is fixed. */
viewport = gtk_frame_new (NULL);
gtk_frame_set_shadow_type (GTK_FRAME (viewport), GTK_SHADOW_ETCHED_IN);
/*viewport = gtk_viewport_new (NULL, NULL);
gtk_viewport_set_shadow_type (GTK_VIEWPORT (viewport),
embed = gtk_champlain_embed_new ();
data->map = gtk_champlain_embed_get_view (GTK_CHAMPLAIN_EMBED (embed));
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