Commit 90653a96 authored by Felix Riemann's avatar Felix Riemann
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Make the --with-plugins configure parameter look nice

parent 8af751a4
2009-05-05 Felix Riemann <>
* Make --with-plugins parameter appear nice with a list
of the included plugins.
2009-05-05 Felix Riemann <>
......@@ -76,14 +76,14 @@ then
AC_MSG_WARN([eog compiled without python support, plugins $PYTHON_ALL_PLUGINS will not be available])
[ --with-plugins=plugin1,plugin2,...
build the specified plugins. Available:
postr, as well as the aliases default,
all, and really-all],
[Comma-separated list specifying the plugins to build.
Available: champlain, fit-to-width, postr, pythonconsole,
slideshowshuffle, as well as the aliases default,
all, and really-all])],
if test "x$with_plugins" = xyes
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